Introducing RapidLoad 2.0

Make your website
faster, instantly.

We help you make your website lighter by stripping of unused CSS and do other tweaks to make your website faster. So your website runs faster and converts better


Best and latest
Features from RapidLoad

General Settings
Options for overall RapidLoad plugin
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Titan Optimizer New

Find Solutions for your site performance issues
CSS Delivery
Reduce your CSS Files size by remove unused CSS from your pages
JavaScript Delivery
Minify and deliver Javascript files with best practices
Image Delivery
Optimize all your images on-the-fly with modern formats (AVIF, WEBP)
Font Delivery
Locally host and optimize your fonts for faster page load times
Cloud Delivery (CDN)
Load resource files faster by using 112 edge locations with only 27ms latency
Page Cache
Set of options that applies for overall RapidLoad plugin