JavaScript Delivery

Javascript minify.

JavaScript minification removes unnecessary characters from code to optimize it for faster loading times and better performance, without altering its functionality.

Minifying JavaScript can have a positive impact on several Google PageSpeed metrics, including First Contentful Paint (FCP), Time to Interactive (TTI), and Total Blocking Time (TBT). By reducing the size of JavaScript files, the browser can parse and execute them more quickly, resulting in faster loading times and improved page speed scores.

Minify JS

The "preload link” refers to a technique used to optimize web page performance. You can use JavaScript to dynamically create and load the resource. This way, the required resources are fetched and cached beforehand, resulting in faster load times when the user eventually interacts with or clicks on that element.

Benefits of Preloading Resources:

By leveraging the preload link, you can take advantage of the following benefits to optimize page load time:

Reduced Latency: Preloading resources reduces latency by initiating resource fetching earlier in the process, thereby reducing the overall time required to load the page.

Faster Rendering: As the browser already has the necessary resources in memory, rendering the page becomes faster, leading to a quicker display of content to the user.

Improved Performance: By optimizing resource loading, preloading ensures that critical assets are available promptly, reducing the likelihood of performance bottlenecks.

Defer JavaScript

Defer JavaScript is a technique that delays the execution of JavaScript code until the web page is fully loaded. By default, the browser loads and executes JavaScript code as it encounters it in the HTML code, which can delay the rendering of the web page and result in slower loading times. By deferring JavaScript, the browser can prioritize loading and rendering the page content first, which can result in faster loading times and a better user experience.

Exclude Javascript from Deferring

The JS files in the textbox will not be deferred.

Delay Javascripts to Load on User Interaction

Delaying the loading of Javascript until the user interacts (click, scroll, etc…) with the website is a technique used to improve website performance. This is beneficial to the site because loading all JavaScript files at once can slow down the initial loading of a web page By deferring the loading of non-critical Javascript files until after the initial page load, the website can load faster and provide a better user experience.

Exclude JS

JS files in the textbox will not be optimized.