Font Delivery

Self-Host Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a service that allows website owners to easily integrate custom fonts into their websites. While this can greatly enhance the visual appeal of a website, it's important to note that using Google Fonts can potentially impact site speed and performance negatively

One way to improve site speed is by self-hosting Google Fonts. This option allows you to store available Google fonts on your local server and serve them through RapidLoad's content delivery network (CDN). By doing so, the time it takes to load Google fonts is reduced due to lower latency. vailable Google fonts are stored in your local server and served through the RapidLoad CDN. This will reduce the latency when loading Google fonts.

Preload Font URLs

Preloading fonts is a technique that allows the browser to download font files before they are actually needed, reducing the time it takes to load a page. This can improve the performance of a website and reduce the likelihood of font-related layout shifts. RapidLoad can automatically add preload tags to your font files to optimize the loading process.