Job Status Stuck in Queue

At times, you might find your job status stuck in the queue while using RapidLoad. This issue mainly arises due to a malfunctioning cron job on your site, or a cron scheduler restricting the cron's execution time.

Before reaching out to our support team, we recommend checking the status and performance of your site's cron. Here's how you can do it:

Checking Your Cron Status:

  1. Install the WP-Cron Status Checker Plugin: This plugin will help you inspect the status of the cron jobs on your site. After activating this plugin, you will see a widget in your WordPress dashboard, which will display the status of your cron jobs.

For instance, if your cron jobs are disabled, the WP-Cron Status Checker will display a relevant message.

  1. Use the Cronjob Scheduler Plugin: If you're uncertain about the cron status after using WP-Cron Status Checker, you can try Cronjob Scheduler. This plugin allows you to manually trigger your site's cron jobs and verify if RapidLoad's optimizations work as expected.

Still facing issues?

If your cron jobs are functioning correctly but your RapidLoad jobs remain queued, please reach out to our support team. They'll be more than happy to guide you and help resolve the issue.

Remember, RapidLoad is designed to make your website optimization process as seamless as possible. By ensuring your site's cron jobs are working correctly, you'll be one step closer to leveraging the full potential of RapidLoad.