Troubleshooting RapidLoad Analyzer Test Issues

If you've found that your site isn't being properly analyzed by the RapidLoad analyzer test, there could be a few reasons behind this. Here are some of the most common causes and what you can do about them:

1. Security Services like "Superbot Fight Mode" in Cloudflare:

One of the primary reasons that your site may not be analyzed is the use of security services such as "Superbot Fight Mode" in Cloudflare or similar firewall security services. These services can potentially block our RapidLoad analyzer from scanning your site. If you are using such services, you might need to temporarily disable them for the duration of the analysis.

2. Excessive CSS Files Leading to Timeout:

If your website has numerous CSS files, it could cause the RapidLoad crawler to timeout before completing the analysis. One possible solution to this is to consolidate your CSS files, reducing their number and thus preventing a timeout.

3. Required Authentication to View Your Site:

In some cases, your site may require authentication credentials for viewing. If the RapidLoad analyzer does not have these credentials, it won't be able to access and analyze your site. To remedy this, ensure you provide any necessary credentials when setting up the analyzer test.

Remember, the RapidLoad analyzer is a powerful tool designed to help optimize your site's performance. Understanding and resolving any issues that prevent it from analyzing your site is crucial in harnessing its full potential.