1. Pick a device to analyze and optimize the page.

Mobile Desktop Switch

2. Click to re-analyze the page speed using Google PageSpeed Insights.

Analyze button

3. See your overall website's speed rating, along with a breakdown of key metrics and performance scores.

metrics and score

4. Click on individual metrics to uncover insights and get recommendations for enhancements.


5. Discover the top audits needing attention and follow our recommended actions to enhance your page's performance.


6. Click on each audit group to explore detailed insights and actions.

Opportunities, Diagnostics and Passed Audits

  • Opportunities: Recommendations from Google to enhance your page's speed and efficiency.
  • Diagnostics: In-depth feedback about your site's performance and potential issues.
  • Passed Audits: Areas where your website meets or exceeds performance standards.

7. Click the "Show Actions" button to view detailed information on each performance audit and dive deeper.


8. Within every audit, discover thoughtfully arranged details and actions. Clarity, made simple.

Show Actions Image

9. Discover our suggestions for features. Toggle them on or off to fit your preferences seamlessly.

Feature Suggestion

10. Explore the table to find resources and their associated by actions. Properly organized to help improve your page performance.

Show Actions

11. Click on the Actions dropdown to change how each file behaves. Adjust as needed to fine-tune your page's performance.

Action Dropdown

12. After making changes, remember to save. Tap the "Save Changes" button to ensure all your tweaks are updated.