Why can't I enable the RapidLoad CDN in my site?

One potential issue that could affect the functionality of RapidLoad's CDN (Content Delivery Network) is the presence of other active CDN services on your site. It's not uncommon for multiple CDNs to interfere with each other when trying to deliver the same content, which could be why you're experiencing problems with RapidLoad's CDN.

Identifying and Managing Other Active CDNs:

To address this situation, it's important to confirm whether another CDN service is enabled on your website. If you find that this is indeed the case, you'll need to make a decision on which service to continue using. This decision could be influenced by various factors, such as performance, cost, overall functionality, and compatibility with your website and other plugins.

Checking for another active CDN typically involves going to the settings or options page of the suspected CDN plugin. From there, you can determine whether it's currently in use. If it is, you may want to temporarily disable it to see if this resolves the issues with RapidLoad's CDN.

If you find any layout breaks that cannot be resolved following this guide feel free to contact our support team.