Why can't I see any improvements from RapidLoad

A great starting point when troubleshooting issues with RapidLoad 2.0 is verifying that the optimizations are indeed being injected into your site. Here's how you can do that:

1. Check for UUCSS Files in Console Network:

To check whether the CSS optimized by RapidLoad is being injected, you can use the browser console. Navigate to the console, then select the 'Network' tab. Here, you should filter for CSS files and look for the ones starting with UUCSS. If they are present, this means RapidLoad's optimizations are being implemented.

2. Check for "Hits" in the Legacy Dashboard or Job Optimizations Table:

In RapidLoad 2.0, you can use the legacy dashboard or the job optimizations table to verify that the optimizations are being injected. Here's how you can do it:

Go to the legacy dashboard (available through General Settings > Legacy Options). Hover over the optimization percentage, and look for a text that says "hits" at the lower left of the hovered notification. The presence of "hits" indicates that RapidLoad's optimizations are being applied. By following these steps, you can assure that RapidLoad 2.0 is functioning and applying its optimizations to your website as expected.